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In most cases, it will update the database, but you can also have a typed dataset in the session, and make the Update method to update a row in the typed dataset.

After you have done all the operations in the dataset stored in the session, you can send it via a web service or whatever you want.

(I used to build the Sql Queries at runtime based on the dataset columns.. You cannot any longer modify the objects, insert new or delete items...Object Data Source out of the box, and as implemented in this sample, is a proxy to your plumbing Products DAO.The biggest problems with this is you can't encapsulate everything, you end up with stray hooks in a usercontrol or page.The Load All() is modified to return a Data Set, and Update method to be public static int Edit(Product.Products Row prod) The error occurs when 'Update' clicked after editing, like this: ---------------------------------------------------------------- No parameterless constructor defined for this object.

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