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Now the win key will always output g instead of Win function. My Motherboard is ASUS Rampage V Edition 10 (BIOS 1701), CPU Xeon 2640, ROG Strix GTX1070, 16GB Trident Z RGB RAM. *Update, every restart will reset the Armoury to Profile 1 which somehow disabled the Win Key. The only way to truly test is to generate some key pairs with the tpm and run them through the tester online but I haven't figured out how to do this yet.In first instance, Vulnerability only affect to Infineon TPM, not others manufacturers.When it comes to this I have no idea what is going on and I do apologize if this is chaff tossed into the Firmware update need discussion.Perhaps I am doing damage to this threads by branching out with tangents that I suspect are related.The problems with Windows Hello are not germane to this thread, but removing the TPM is.Before deactivating in the UEFI and physically removing it I also cleared it.

Windows tells me to contact the manufacturer for updated firmware. Windows tells me to contact the manufacturer for updated firmware. As it is right now most stock are sold out over here, maybe ASUS has stopped all deliveries temporarily. i have tpm2.0 asus module GSb its not possible to create admin ownership in windows 10 because firmware is not safe and click on second option CLEAR TPM - reboot - and this same window CLEAR TPM.. What I think we can all agree on is that the Asus TPM-M R2.0 (14-1 pin chip) has a problem and either needs a firmware update or replacement and is not fixed by Microsoft’s temporary patch.I am starting a new thread to reduce my perhaps inappropriate digressions.Hi, I noticed that after a few firmware updates my Claymore keyboard will always break the Win Key function.I'm not sure why but this always happen whenever I updated the software / firmware.

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The table below identifies affected ASUS motherboards and outlines our recommended update method.

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