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Yet, he has found that this continues to be a challenge for him to find the right woman. Here are some concerns women have when dating a cross-dresser and some tips for dealing with these issues: So, how does a cross-dresser find love? Being upfront and honest, along with being comfortable with your own self-identity goes a long way in finding a mate.

This website is a friendly ,efficient dating club where you can enjoy in crossdressing without anxiety about somebody looked at you weirdly.

Experiencing severe depression, Paul went to a specialist who suggested he go on female hormones to off-set abnormally high testosterone levels. Paul’s wife barely tolerated his cross-dressing, yet could not deal with her husband taking hormones.

Seeing his growing breasts was a turn-off for her and she demanded he quit taking hormones.

Wanting to keep his family and marriage intact, he stopped the hormones.

It still wasn’t enough for her and they ended up getting divorced. His femme side, Maggie, is a bigger part of his life now that he is free to be out, without repercussion from his wife.

You have to believe that communication can make progress, and you need more partners to exchange your ideas and get their approval.

What better place to seek this kind of person who understand you with good-looking, charming than here at

Because cross-dressing has been such a concealed way of life once the secret is told to their wives many are unable to save their marriage.

Divorce is difficult for anyone who has gone through it.

Even if the marriage is not perfect, none of them are, it still much easier to stay in a marginal relationship then to be single. Dating for a cross-dresser can be darn right depressing!

The long-term secrecy and the fear of who her husband really is becomes a fast-track to divorce.

Even with martial counseling, the prospect of having a husband who has a femme identity and a storage locker filled with woman’s clothing is too much to handle for a wife who is not open minded.

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