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For those of you who want more of a traditional relationship, or at least the type of casual dating that doesn’t require a lavish lifestyle, here are ten strategies for dating models that you can easily put to use.

For a lot of men, dating models is nothing more than a dream.In other words, frequent your city’s hotspots if you want to date models.Just about any girl will go somewhere hot and exciting with a sweet guy, and, no, you don’t have to be a millionaire!Dating Models Strategy 3: In order to succeed at model dating, you are going to have to make some direct efforts to help your model succeed!Make phone calls to those in your network, talk to friends of friends so you can introduce her to those who can take her career to the next level.

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  1. Many fiftysomething women’s desire for a different kind of life is also hindered by the need to look after ageing parents and/or demanding children. I don’t have to cook “his” dinner or do “his” washing. I can go on holiday when and where I want, I can eat the food I fancy and spend my money exactly as I please.