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She discussed with me, for example, about Asian working culture and our topics were even too intelligent.

When it was time for the bill, she paid everything, also my coffees and cakes and didn't accept my money. I spent time alone in the malls and Anna was over an hour late.

Some of them got my phone number and even asked when I intended to come to Indonesia.

Two girls surprisingly remembered me after months and even sent text messages asking the day I would come to Indonesia. There was also other girls wishing me to come but they didn't have my number and they didn't know accurately when I would go.

Those women were mostly educated and they had good jobs.

Anna had already been sending many messages to my e-mail and asking me if I was coming at all. We met in the lobby of an office tower in South Jakarta.

But that's acceptable, she is working and I'm in holiday.

Later we met again, She asked if I had any idea what to do.

She wore a business dress and suggested wego to go to a cafe near the lobby.

She talked all the time, was very open minded and looked interested in me.

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In Jakarta there would be lot of hotels but in Serpong I had no idea. Because I didn't have any idea of hotels in Serpong area, I would need to contact Nadya. Of course, I found many eager to help me for money. Metered taxi maybe only drive around collecting money to the meter without finding any hotel in purpose. Maybe the driver would only rob me or take me to some bad place.

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