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I'm apprehensive about bashing this one (but I will- it's forthcoming) because it's such a well loved classic. It comes from a different era when fragrances were bolder and you got more bang for your buck. Now, I'm willing to endure a bit, just a bit, of a stinky opening for a good middle and closing act. Combine baby boomers with gen x making these two groups the majority, the majority say this is a young man scent.

The floral notes are very subtle and do not distract from this at all. Carnation is there in the progression to subdue the sharpness of the pine.

Just more of that pine and spice, less of the thick dark leathery “old” aspect This review is for my bottle of 59ml edt spray, produced in May of 2014. Polo is a deep, heavy scent; it’s a well-balanced blend of greens, herbs, spice, and leather. Polo is Pine, Moss dirty, YSL is Citrus Moss dirty Macho scent but also classy, in the same category as Aramis in that sense. But others might smell it differently.) My only complaint is that I seem to have purchased a bottle with a faulty sprayer that leaks. ماندگاری عالی هم داره The majority of male humans who wear this started out wearing it in High School and have continued wearing it since.

Bought it early 2015, and when I first smelled it (on wrists) my stomach turned and I put it away. It can be overpowering if applied to heavily, but used in moderation it’s simply a great all-purpose fragrance. Stop by Sephora (it's a mainstay there) and spritz some on your pressure points. These particular humans are commonly referred to as baby boomers and generation x.

As a truly masculine perfume, Polo does not contain floral notes, apart from camomile, which has more grassy than floral scent. I do not know today that what he has become with this cursed Devil of IFRA !! I only encountered this well into my 30s and I found it to be nothing short of a masterpiece.

The opening of the composition is green and fresh, made of grassy notes of artemisia, basil and thyme, with spicy notes of cumin, coriander and cloves. A drydown as remarkable as Rive Gauche, Opium for men and M7. I'll admit I don't like the first phase of this that much and putting your nose right up to where it's sprayed isn't pleasant, it's the cloud it surrounds you in that makes people take notice. I would describe it as a mossy pine forest in a bottle, but that would be an understatement.

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Willing to accept that could just be my imagination but, to my nose at any rate, it makes Polo something of an enigma.

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